My name is Gabriele, and I come from sunny Sicily.
I am a creative and musical performer with almost 20 years of professional experience on stage, and since 2015 I've been based in Hamburg.

Next to my love for the performing arts and my studies in Architecture, I have always cultivated a deep interest in photography and videography. In recent years I have deepened my knowledge and expertise in the subject and started offering professional photography services. At the same time, I explored the "backstage world" and gained experience in the fields of stage direction and choreography. I also started sharing what I learned during my professional and personal creative journey through a series of workshops and masterclasses around Europe.

I'm interested and passionate, and I believe that what you learn in one area can always come in handy in another.
Fundamental concepts, such as proportion, balance, composition, color, light, etc., are present in the performing arts as well as in architecture and photography. That is also why I find it quite natural to move between different art forms.

My artistic path has never been linear. Therefore I've always tried to keep a beginner's mind and stay receptive to all the possibilities that life offers.
Even with its characteristic traits, my creative style constantly varies following the evolution of my abilities, knowledge, and aesthetic canons.

I am glad to share a preview of my creative journey and some information about my artistic projects. Feel free to wander through the different sections of this website.
I hope you will enjoy your visit!

Click here to download a copy of my theater resume in English.
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